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英語 リスニング&リーディング -VOA News-

英語 リスニング&リーディング -VOA News-
Koujirou Inoue
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posted with sticky on 2014.6.20

Learning English with Voice of America (VOA).

This App enable you to learn English easily.

Better support for iOS7.
[You can learn English wherever you are, whenever you want to.]

Voice of America Learning English is spoken more slowly and with a smaller vocabulary than regular programming, so it is easier for intermediate learners to understand.

In addition, this app is based on PC site, the type of content is rich than others.

Rich programs

VOA has various programs.
In The News,As It Is,American Mosaic,Science in the News,This is America,Words and Their Stories.
Find your favorite programs .

Download in your device

Download your favorite programs with mp3 audio in your device.
That way, you can study English wherever you are, whenever you want to.

Your dictionary

Define words with iOS and on the web.
And you can save the words to learn later.

A beautiful style

This app was made to easier to read.
Better design for iOS7.
You can configure the font Size and Height.

Features and How to use VOA NEWS are here.