How To Use TED Audio Books

Learn languages with TED

〜Learn languages, more easily, more simply〜
You can learn about 100 languages with this app.


Beautiful display

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All of talks with 3 transcripts

English, your language, both, in 1 screen.
You can easily switch each 3 tabs, reading the transcripts and understanding the meanings.

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Play TED talks with transcripts

Beautiful as it is the official site and easy-to-read display.

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Rich dictionary features

You can look words in the transcripts up in the rich dictionaries.
Make sure the meaning and usage of the words you do not know on the spot.

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When you are commuting , attending school

Since this app is focusing on READING, you can learn easily in your spare time like reading novels or news.

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Save words to memorize

By saving the words you did not know,, the word book is yours.
Reviewing is the effective way to learn English.

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It is easy to find favorite Talks

This app having rich categories, you can find your favorite Talks easily.

You can learn not only English but also other languages like Spanish, Japanese, ,Chinese, etc..
Enjoy learning other languages!

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